At MasonBaronet, an integrated marketing communications firm in Dallas, creative director Paul Jerde sppons up Creative Jams to whet the staff’s appetite for exploration. Every month, for about the cost of a pizza and an hour of time, Jerde arranges what has become known around the office as a Creative Jam. These outings give the MasonBaronet team a chance to stretch their conceptual skills. There are two key goals to these meetings: build staff unity and gain new perceptions from creative exploration. – Heather West, HOW Magazine, June 2008

Holly Mason, the 34-year-old principal of Dallas-based MasonBaronet, Inc., knows how to build brand awareness through Web sites, interactive media, advertising and marketing materials. And Jane Mills, 47, principal of Branded Spaces Co. helps companies create interior DNA from the moment customers cross the threshold. Now they’ve married their expertise to make sure a client’s virtual and physical personalities are one. – Cheryl Hall, The Dallas Morning News, August 31, 2008

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